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Legendary - It Stared Back


At the edge of the universe, I stared into the infinite deep. It stared back, and was pleased. I would become the herald of its victory, and bear witness for all creation.

Attack 330  |  Power 330  |   330  |  Zoom 0  |  Swing Speed 46  |  Impact 62  |  Range 46  |  Efficiency 55  |  Defense 46  |  Ammo Capacity 25  |  Magazine 50

Adaptive Frame Well-rounded and reliable. Use to launch an uppercut attack.  |  Hungry Edge Increased sword ammo.  |  Enduring Guard Sword Guard has high efficiency and low defense.  |  Whirlwind Blade Consecutive rapid sword strikes increase this weapon's damage output.  |  Relentless Strikes Landing three light attack hits within a short time grants sword ammo.  |  Solar Damage Mod Equip this to a weapon to charge its rounds with Solar energy.  |     |  Masterwork Upgrade This weapon can be upgraded into a Masterwork with one of the options below.